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Digital product design lead in New York City.



Timehop is the beloved app used by 19 million people that unearths your digital time capsule in daily, bite-sized portions. I redesigned the app from the ground up and helped create campaigns to stimulate growth during agile one-week sprints.

  • ROLEUX, Visual, Copy, Prototypes, Everything (It’s a startup!)
  • PRODUCT LEADMatt Raoul
  • USER EXPERIENCEJustin Pierce
Full Redesign

After a year without an official designer on board, Timehop’s UI was showing its age. Early on, I set out to refresh the app’s look & feel. The result is clean and clutter-free, but still bright and cheerful.

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Grow, Grow, Grow!

To drive growth, we intelligently predict our user’s favorite memories and highlight them in silly, heartwarming, and sharable ways.

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Celebrate the first & the best.

In just one week, we designed, built, and shipped this special surprise for our users. We began with an algorithm that determines who their closest friends are based on photo history. Then we found their most monumental photo together, and made sharing those moments effortless.

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One & Only

One&Only resorts pride themselves on award-winning service: they anticipate and fulfill their guest’s needs before they even know they need them. They offer their wealthy (and often famous) clientele an escape from work/paparazzi into worry-free anonmity.

I worked with my team at Rokkan to translate that philosophy into a fully redesigned digital experience. We revamped the One&Only brand website and their 9 resort sites with clean, airy pages and a revolutionary build-your-own-story booker.

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  • ROLEVisual Design
  • CREATIVE DIRECTIONBryan Le, Brandon Lane
  • USER EXPERIENCEJonathan Liang, Victor Kim, Mariana Umarusman
Mix & Match Booking Flow

One & Only's wealthy guests travel without limits — they don't have specific resorts, rooms or dates in mind. Our booker lets them build a visual story of their trip in whichever order makes the most sense to them.

American Express Travel

American Express Travel offers their card members an easy way to earn and use points for travel.

I worked with my team at Rokkan to continuously improve the user experience and visual design of this multi-million dollar account. In the course of two years, our work contributed to steady increases, ranging from 3-14% per month, in overall sales and bookings.

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  • ROLEArt Direction, Design
  • CREATIVE DIRECTIONBrian Barenio, Bel Ragay
  • USER EXPERIENCEOisin Lewis, Alok Vasishta
Better Marketing

Many users first discover American Express Travel through its marketing landing pages. We optimized them in a few ways.

Be Accessible

Landing pages are often accessed through emails on mobile devices. We urged Amex Travel to consider all screen sizes and design responsively for the first time.

Be Helpful

We respect the user’s time by incorporating functionality that makes their research process easier. Simple things like adding a ‘Recently Viewed’ section allows quick access to the locations they’ve already seen.

Be bold

We greet users with large, rich and beautiful imagery to immediately draw them into our curated content or core benefits. We wanted them to easily imagine themselves in the locations we are showcasing.


At Rokkan, I designed and shot imagery for Stoli, one of the most well-known vodka brands since 1901. Recently, Stoli has been working to position this global brand as THE vodka, as opposed to a vodka. To support the campaign, I updated Stoli.com with a look that is simple and bold, timeless and confident.

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  • ROLEVisual Design

Sally Hansen

In July 2014, Sally Hansen introduced Miracle Gel, their revolutionary gel manicure system that requires no UV/LED light. At Rokkan, we built excitement around the new product across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their .COM. In just two weeks, we created a digital strategy and style guide that helped make Miracle Gel one of Sally Hansen's most successful global product launches to date.

  • ROLEVisual Design, Photography
The Content Strategy

Taking a departure from Miracle Gel's high-fashion print ads, we introduced each of the 7 color collections with a fresh mix of relatable photography and DIY nail art trends.

Swatch Sunday

The new Miracle Gel line offers 40+ shades. We promote a specific nail color each Sunday by playing up its unique personality in a graphic moodboard.

Mani Mondays

Users respond better to natural photography on social, rather than staged, high-fashion photo shoots. Every Monday, we feature the best Miracle Gel manicures directly from real Sally Hansen fans.

Trend Tuesdays

Partnering with the very talented editorial manicurist Madeline Poole, we highlight new nail art trends, techniques, and designs on Tuesdays.


WellPoint, Inc. is the country's largest managed health care company. At Rokkan, we pushed boundaries to create a visual language that makes health care feel fun and engaging.

Inspired by Pinterest-esque quotes and imagery, we filled Wellpoint's digital platforms with cute illustrations and healthy living tips. In one year, we increased their Facebook page following by 118%, with individual posts reaching 27k likes.

  • ROLEVisual Design, Illustration

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